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Students learn life-lessons on e-safety

Thursday 23 Mar 2017
students learn life-lessons on e-safety - fc karl hopwood esafety mar17 - Students learn life-lessons on e-safety

Both the Prep and the Senior School were fortunate enough to have Karl Hopwood spend the day at Fram yesterday, giving his nationally renowned e-safety talks.

Karl spoke to Years 5 & 6, followed by Years 7 & 8 in the morning, and then ran post-lunch sessions for Years 9 & 10 and finally for Years 11, 12 & 13.  Each session had a slightly different twist on the same theme. In the evening, Karl spoke to a large group of Prep and Senior School parents, as well as members of FramSoc. He covered aspects of e-safety such as online reputation, privacy and access, use of smart phones and, very usefully, how the older pupils can help guide the younger groups in their use of social media. Interestingly, this was a very different set of talks to the ones he delivered only two years ago!

As well as providing examples of the most recent research and issues facing our young people today, as they navigate their way through this internet age, Karl gave a slightly different perspective on how we as schools, and parents, can help our boys and girls to thrive alongside the technology that is ever developing, rather than by simply blocking it. It gave all who heard him enormous food for thought.

Deputy Head (Pastoral), Tom Caston said, “At lectures like this it is very easy to gauge the attention in the room, and it is fair to say that Karl had the boys and girls absolutely hanging on his every word, in real agreement with his messages. He even commented himself on what an attentive set of young people they were. As a school, this topic is one that grows with each term and one we will always look to improve our own understanding in. Having Karl at Fram for the day has certainly helped us as educators and this is a relationship we will certainly maintain.”


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